Beading Classes


Classes are taught by request after 12pm. You will learn techniques and tips from the experts of our store.

Basic beading classes are one hour in length and are $25 for one person, $20 for two or more people.

  • Bead Stringing
  • Earrings on Headpin
  • Macrame
  • Cord Necklace

Advanced classes take up to two hours and are $50.

  • Pearl Knotting
  • Wire-Wrapping

All beads and components used during classes are offered at 20% off retail value. Please arrive half an hour prior to your scheduled class if you need to select beads from our inventory.



All crystals are individually priced and inventory is subject to change. This gallery serves as an example of the diversity within our location. 

Selenite: Eggs, Wands // Raw Australian Opal

Rose Quartz: Points, Wands, Grade A Chunks

Tourmaline: Various Colors

Fairy Aura Quartz // Titanium Quartz

Fluorite Generator // Amethyst Tower

Specular Hematite // Labradorite

Hope Valley Smokey Quartz // Garnet in Matrix


Blue Lace Agate Druzy


Polished Malachite



Bismuth Geode // Lapis Lazuli

Picture Jasper // Agate Slices